Our response

Thank you again to everyone who contacted us with their concerns of misconduct at Tuft the World or who asked questions about what was happening. Transparency, honesty, and dialogue is of the utmost importance to us. We take any allegations of misconduct very seriously. We have learned a lot through this process, made some immediate changes, and we look forward to continuing this dialogue with our staff and valued community through our new email address that we established for feedback: feedback@tufttheworld.com

This dialogue began when we received an anonymous letter from some of our staff with a list of concerns. Within a week of receiving the letter we held an all-day retreat and discussed the issues in the letter openly with our entire staff. In that meeting we planned together how we would address each item. Those decisions and the actions that have already been taken on them are laid out below.

As a business and as people, we strive to create a supportive, welcoming, and safe environment for all staff. We will continue to do everything in our power to make that a reality every single day. 

You can read our responses to staff concerns below.

Tiernan and Tim


  1. Roles and Responsibilities

Request: Staff requested a better definition of company roles, job descriptions, and an up-to-date organizational chart. 

Our response: At the retreat we reviewed the org chart and manager roles. We shared an online form so folks can update their job descriptions and we will share the finished descriptions with all staff. 

  1. Communication Issues

Request: Employees expressed discomfort with talking in all-staff meetings, in one-on-one meetings, and with using an anonymous form. Staff requested more small group meetings and the ability to invite another staff member into any meeting with management. 

Our response: These were approved. 

Request: They also asked for 24 hour written notice before any meeting that might include disciplinary action. 

Our response: We agreed to do this whenever possible. 


  1. Human Resources

Request: Staff expressed discomfort with the two women who act as HR since one is an owner and the other is friendly with the owner. They requested that TTW hire an outside contractor to run HR who had no prior relationship with the owners or the company. 

Our response: This request was denied for now due to lack of financial resources, but we are happy to revisit this in the future. 


  1. Disciplinary Process

Request: Staff requested a more detailed Progressive Discipline Policy than what is currently in place. 

Our response: TTW agreed and is working on a more detailed rubric to go along with our existing process.  


  1. Hiring

Request: Staff requested that the owners not be allowed to hire any people they have any prior relationship with into positions of leadership. 

Our response: TTW will expand its hiring pool to include career centers in Philadelphia and will advertise positions to as wide a pool as possible. We do not want to commit to not using our extensive network of skilled people that we know through our own experience or through our co-workers since we see this network as an asset. 


  1. Company Finances

Request: Staff requested a look at TTW’s financial statements. 

Our response: At the company retreat in mid-June, TTW shared a profit and loss report covering January to May 2022. We have shared financial information with staff many times over the past few years and will continue to be transparent in ways that are accessible to staff.


  1. DEI

Request: Staff requested continuing education on topics like anti-oppression and anti-racism training.

Our response: TTW agreed. We have looked into several groups in West Philadelphia who provide these services and are currently interviewing two in hopes of getting this started by fall of this year.


  1. Crypto miner

Request: Staff demanded the removal of a crypto mining computer because of sustainability concerns and sound levels. 

Our response: TTW does not own or operate the ASIC miner. The sound of the unit has been reduced to 60db (from 75db), which is considered normal conversational level. If there is ever a concern about sound and productivity, we will make all reasonable accommodations. In environmental terms we are always looking to reduce our impact on the planet through efforts organized by our staff-led sustainability committee.


  1. Work From Home Policy

Request: Staff requested more information about our Work From Home policy. 

Our response: We provided clarification around our existing policy.